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They are incredibly sensitive: with their countless receptors, our feet play a major role in our well-being.

Relife - Ein Schuh wie kein Schuh - Sommerkollektion 2019 - Was unsere Füße tragen


Have you ever thought about the literal burden our feet have to bear very day? According to recommendations, taking a minimum of 6,000 steps every day, and preferably 10,000, is extremely beneficial for our health. This is allegedly based on an advertising stunt from over 55 years ago, but it certainly can’t do any harm! Particularly if you wear the correct shoes that support the natural sequences of movement and absorb excessive shocks and jolts when you are walking.

Our feet are incredibly sensitive. Thousands of receptors process a vast amount of information with every step and movement, and report bumps, tickling, pain, warmth and cold directly to our brain. They are therefore an important factor for our overall well-being. And because they are forced to bear our entire weight every day, the foot tissue slackens over the years. Decades of pressure on the feet can cause them to “grow” with age of up to two sizes compared to the shoe size we have as young adults.1

Relife - Ein Schuh wie kein Schuh - Sommerkollektion 2019 - Unsere Füße sind sehr sensibel